Monday, July 19, 2010

Quick little update

No pictures today but wanted to update. Charlie had a doctors appointment this morning(10month checkup-gosh almost ten months already! where has the time gone!) Anyways, he weighs 20lbs7oz and is 30 inches tall!! I was also in on this doctors appointment as my midwife wants me to go for an ultrasound (I cant get in to see her until the 4th of August) to do the dating for this pregnancy. As I only had one period(tmi im sorry!) since having Charlie apparently thats not incredibly accurate in determining how far along I am. Dont have the date for the u/s yet but I imagine it'll be within the next week or two. So excited to see bebe#3!!!
That is all :)


  1. I need u'r help with a picture project I'm doing for school. You know how u made Charlie black and white but the flowers on his ears colourful? Yea I nead that done to a picture but I wont have it started till like Saterday so idk if you could help me out with that. Thanx! Ttyl!

  2. I used easy! Call me and I'll walk u through it