Friday, August 20, 2010

The last few days & a thank you...

This is the best picture of "baby yoga" that Ive been able to get.
I think Ricky misses Romeo. He's been building himself a cage with the laundry baskets and then barking at Charlie lol (Sarah show your mom, she'll get a kick out of this!)
For the past two days Ricky has not wanted to take a nap. The compromise is, he needs to have quiet time. So I set him up on the lazy boy with a movie, and sure enough, both days he's passed out cold!
lol I love this last one of him. He looks spaced right out (or totally drunk lol) I love how sometimes you catch the funniest looks on kids faces. I think it had more to do with the flash of the camera though :)
And this last one because it just looks neat.

So it appears as though this is how my blog is going to run now. I'll just update every few days with a bunch of pictures. I either dont have the time to post everyday or I forget, so this is working out good. I also just wanted to send a thank you to uncle Wayne & aunt Debbie for the housewarming gift. I am IN LOVE with how fluffy and huge the towels are-plus they totally match my bathroom!! You guys rock! :)

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