Wednesday, October 27, 2010


These are the only recent pictures of Charlie(since his haircut) so thats the first part.
Secondly, the Cheerios...We had all finished dinner (save for Rick since he came in late from work) and Charlie was playing on the floor while Rick was eating. All of a sudden he says " hun come here and look what your son did!" I walk into the kitchen and find Charlie like this, he had pulled the bag of Cheerios out of the box, dumped the contents on the floor, (luckily there was only about 1/4 of a bag) and was eating some and putting others in the box!(Rick had already taken the bag away by this point lol) Of course what was I going to do but laugh and take pictures?! lol

Sidenote: I had a midwifes appointment this morning. All is well with baby Sophie(at least thats her name unless Rick can convince me otherwise, but Im pretty stuck on it) My ultrasound/bloodwork has all come back normal, so now we wait and grow and in 20 more weeks baby Sophie will grace us with her presence :)

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