Monday, November 8, 2010

Birthday Weekend

Seriously, what an awesome weekend!! Saturday night mom and dad watched the kids overnight for us, so we went shopping and out for dinner(for my birthday!). We got new bedding for our new bed thats being delivered on Thursday, and we finished Christmas shopping for the kids! I even got myself a few long sleeved shirts (my belly just keeps growing! lol) I got to sleep in (kind of) on Sunday and then my wonderful sister took me out for lunch and to get pedicures done! I have very pretty toes!! After that we went to mom and dads for my birthday dinner, chicken, fettucini alfredo with asparagus, caesar salad and fresh bread! AND grama made me pumpkin pie!!(my fave!)
Today mom and dad came and hooked our new tv up for us (they bought Rich and I a new tv for my birthday and our xmas gift combined) Its gorgeous! I *heart* it! My parents rock!
All in all definately a birthday worth remembering! Hope everyone else had an awesome weekend too!

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