Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Countdown!

23 more days! Baking is about 75% done. Done shopping for the kids and all of their gifts are wrapped. About half done shopping for Rick. Almost all of my Christmas crocheting is done. The gifts I ordered online are in and wrapped. I have a few little things left to make, and the kids Christmas pictures to take and cards to mail out, and a tree to put up, then I can RELAX :)
Christmas is totally going to rock this year! Not only is it our first Christmas in our new house, we're having a big family dinner with both sides of our families on Christmas day which we're looking forward to! Fingers crossed the turkey turns out or we'll be ordering pizza lol And on top of that, Ricky "gets" Santa Claus this year, so thats going to be SO much fun!!!
Yayyyyyyyy Christmas!

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