Sunday, August 7, 2011

Did it all by himself!

Sophie's whale spout! <3

Ducks in the pond!

Farmer Rick moving the ducks to the pond


GO! lol

Miss S and her pretty headband!

Licking the beaters after helping me make no bake cheesecake for Pip's birthday!

All swelled up from his bee sting :(

Pudding Face!!!

Seems as though I only get to updating this every so often, things are just busier in the summer I guess. One more month and my big boy starts school! We're all ready save for the fact that I have to label everything.

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  1. Hello, I thought I had sent you the pattern for the slouchy hat, but I don't know if I did, because I never got your e-mail address, I just sent it in a reply to the comment. I'm guessing it never got to you. If you are still interested in testing, please send me your e-mail. If you are too busy, I will understand.