Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mr. Grumpy Pants

Ive got some sort of bug, sore throat, tired, achy etc.. So thankfully my parents came to pick up Ricky for the night for me, which left me alone with Charlie aka Mr. Grumpy pants. He was super gassy earlier, and not knowing really what to do for him I put him in the wrap. If I was walking around he was fine, but the minute I sat down he FREAKED! One giant poopsplosion later and he was okay. And now he's in bed having a little nap, and I finally get a bit of quiet time. I think im going to make a cup of tea and lay down with the book Ive been trying to read for the last few days, I cant seem to get into it, hopefully it gets better.


  1. Hope you're both feeling a little better today. xx

  2. I hope you had a better day today! Mr. Grumpy pants is adorable.