Tuesday, January 26, 2010

This morning Ricky told me he "didnt want to smile" so thats him pointing his finger at me telling me NOT to take his picture!
Then we decided we were going to build with blocks, so i layed Charlie down on the floor with his wrist rattles, which are his new favorite thing, because they make noise AND he can eat them!
I built Ricky some towers with his letter blocks and he thought that it would be a fun thing to crash them with his trucks!
So far we've had a good morning, lots of fun and laughs. Its now 2 in the afternoon and Ricky is STILL refusing to nap these days, so hes watching a movie now laying on the couch while his brother naps!
Looking forward to tomorrow because Im actually getting out of the house for a little bit without the kidlets, my dad is coming over to watch them so i can do groceries. Not the funnest thing to do, but at least its an hour of peace and quiet to myself! :)

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