Saturday, May 22, 2010

More Charlieman

Tee was here today and took these two pictures of Charlie. I love his little teeth! He's got a third one comming in that you cant really see to the right side in this pic. Hes also pushing both top teeth, but they havnt cut yet, theyre just red and super swollen :( poor bugger!

Ricky is my flower child, at least thats what I call him. He LOVES picking flowers, this week when we went flower shopping he picked out his own pot and the flowers to put in them (orange marigolds). Anyways, tonight after dinner we took the kids outside(me, my mother in law and sister in law) I had Charlie in the wrap because hes MUCH easier to carry that way, and Ricky was of course picking flowers, a dandelion and a purple daisy(from one of my pots!!!) and wanted to give them to Charlie, so I stuck them behind his ears and of course had to take a picture because it was so cute! (I am however hiding the pictures from Rick because im sure he wouldnt be too impressed :S lol)

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