Monday, May 10, 2010

Slacking again I know...

I know Im a slacker, I missed the weekend, in my defense it was a long stressful weekend :S Anyways, this picture is from today, but it should have been from yesterday(Mothers Day) You see, my wonderful 2.5yr old thought a wonderful mothers day present to me would be to colour on my fridge! So today I made him clean it off!(didnt last long, but he got some of it off lol)
This is from dinner tonight(bbq steak) Charlie was sitting in his chair, bitching and complaining so Rick sat him on his lap, then said "Maybe I should give him a piece of steak to chew on, that'll help his teeth" So needless to say the steak got cut into tiny pieces and Charlie gobbled them up right off of the fork. Looks like were gonna skip over purees!!(Not that hes been overly fussy about them anyways) I was so surprised he ate the steak(which had lots of seasoning on it) but he absolutely LOVED it, Rick couldnt cut it fast enough for him. And he was actually chewing(gumming) it-hes only got his two bottom teeth-though hes working on the top ones right now, hes quite miserable the last few days, and his gums are super red and swollen :( My poor peanut!

These are the two bushes we moved from the front garden(there should have been three-long story short one got cut down before Rick realised he could just pull them out with a chain and his truck :S)

Moved the smaller bush to the other side of the front garden, all by my onesie!

Side view of the front garden(or front view I guess if youre looking from the road) Gotta love Rickys stuff in the dirt(or poo as he was calling it lol)

Front view of the garden. Still have a bit of weeding to do in the bottom section, then place all the rocks for the edging and then the planting(which mom is going to help me with next week) Then from there I need to weed the top section(which I think may be worse than that whole garden full of thistles since its mostly little viney weeds) I was going to plant stuff and just fill it with beachstone that im moving from the gardens on either side of the back door, but i think ive changed my mind as I have some seeds I bought for flowers that get quite tall (beebalm-44" and malva-3ft) Ive also got a packet of wildflower seeds. So we'll see how that ends up..
Thats it for tonight, this is getting posted right at the last possible minute!

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