Thursday, February 25, 2010


So now that we've bought this new house Im thinking about paint colours etc.. And thinking how its going to be kind of bittersweet to be moving. I had my babies in this house, Ricky spent the first two and a half years of his life here and Charlie will have spent the first 7ish months here. I forgot to take pictures today so I pulled out some old ones of the kids room. The first three are of how I had the nursery decorated for Ricky. Then when we found out we were pregnant again of course I had to redo the room because I figured they would be sharing for a while. Well Charlie is still sleeping in our room so he never will have really slept in the room I did for the two of them. But it looks cute anyways. I love how I redid it, the big circles and the Mickey Mouses and the colours. Rickys new room is going to be done in a Disney Cars theme(his choice) and I think Im going to do Charlies in Mickey Mouse (I have the stuff why not right?! Not like its going to make a big difference to him)

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  1. Wow I have not been to u'r house in a while! The boys room looks so cute! I love the name thing and the painted Mickey's are so aw3some!!!