Friday, February 26, 2010

What a day!

This is the peacefulness I woke up to this morning, and then the morning kind of went to shit. I crashed my van into a tree(and thank god for the tree or it would have been into a ten foot ditch!) Its probably a write off, but the kids and I are all okay. Im stiff/sore and I banged my knee up pretty good(it hit the dash) but everyone made it out okay. We were on our way to Windsor to do some insurance stuff for the house, Rick was in his truck because he was going to work afterwards.
The OPP-bunch of uncompassionate jerks in my opinion. OBVIOUSLY our first thought wasnt to call the damn police it was to get the kids home to warmth and then go deal with the van. So someone reported the accident, the OPP then decided to tow our vehicle to FREAKING KINGSVILLE instead of essex(which makes no sense since i was litterally two minutes out of essex) and then call us. So we went down to the station so I could make my statement. Rick was trying to figure out why the hell they towed it there, the cop gave him a bullshit reason. When the cop asked me why we didnt report it, I told him because that was the last thing on my mind I wanted my kids home warm and safe. He told me he completely understood, then handed me an effing ticket/fine for leaving the scene of an accident. REALLY?! So completely irritated with them right now. I know he was just doing his job, but seriously, what the hell did you want me to do? Wait around in a bloody snowstorm with a 5month old and a 2year old, who knows when a damn cruiser would have shown up. EFFING RIDICULOUS in my opinion. But whatever. So add the 110$ ticket to the freaking 200$ towing fee and a van thats probably a write off and it was a damn expensive morning!
Ricky kept running around laughing saying "mommy crashed the van into a tree mommy needs a new van!" Comic relief for a crappy situation!
The good note of the day was we closed on our house and picked up our keys! We are now HOMEOWNERS!!! WAHOOO!!! Pics to hopefully follow in the comming days of reno/painting etc..We'll see if I can actually even get out there to do stuff on the house. Thank god for friends, because it looks like I can borrow a carseat for Charlie until hes ready for a non bucket seat (which im sure it wont take long the way that kid is gaining weight!) and I have a backup for Ricky, that I had bought but wasnt overly thrilled with, either way it works. So now its a matter of figuring out the vehicle situation. We have a van we were going to use for parts that may be driveable, or if Rick can figure out the issue on my car that we havnt sold I may go back to driving that. We'll see.
Whew! That was a long post, off to ice my knee!

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