Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bedrooms and living room/hallway are DONE!

Living room with two coats of the brown. Looks much better and I dont think its going to need a third coat. So I have an extra gallon and a half of paint lol We'll likely use it in the basement or something.

Charlies room with two coats. Dont think it will need a third. I still have to figure out what else im going to do on the walls. Possibly something like I have in the boys room now, big/little circles.
Our bedroom with two coats. Wont need a third, and no its not the same colour as Charlies room. It'll look  more greeny/teal once the flooring is in. Still debating whether or not im going to do a faux finish of some sort on it.
Rickys room with three coats on it, finally looks good. Im LOVING the colour of it. Still debating what to do on the big wall. I might do circles, either that or I'm thinking I might try and paint it plaid (stripes/squares) we'll see how ambitious I get and if I can find any instructions on how to paint plaid lol
My hands hurt so bad! I still have a bunch of painting left to do, I feel like that guy from scary movie who's all "Take my strong hand child" lol On the plus side, flooring should be going in by next week!!! Yay!!

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