Sunday, March 28, 2010

No pics

I forgot to take pictures today. In my defense, I really didnt do a lot of "noticeable" work at the house. I painted some trim/doorjams, did a few walls in the entryway, and my sister and her bf primed the bathroom(i guess i could have taken a pic of that but i didnt). Slowly but surely its getting there. Theres a lot of little things left to do, and the bathroom, so once Rick is done fixing the drywall I can get in there and paint(finally!) We've still been slowly moving things over, I brought another load yesterday, but theres only so much I can pack/move before were actually ready to move in for good. On a happy note, the floors are *almost* done, a few small pieces left and then the transition mouldings (which dad is picking up tomorrow) I measured for baseboard/window trim last night so we'll need to go get that soon and then I'll have to paint it all (were going to go with the pre-primed stuff) Slowly but surely. Next weekend is kind of a write off since its Easter, Im sure there wont be much work going on at the house, hopefully I'll be able to get in there and get some stuff done on Friday. Anyways, I need to update my to do list and figure out totals on baseboard/window trim. Hope everyone had a good weekend.

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