Sunday, March 14, 2010

More work

Well yesterday was a bust for pictures. I totally forgot my camera at home. Rick and I went to the house to get some stuff accomplished, and his mom stayed with the boys. So I was gone from like 2 until almost 11 last night, so over 8 hours of no nursing=major boob hurtage!! Anyways we got lots of stuff accomplished. All the walls got washed, we started priming, got a fair bit done, living room hallway and all 3 bedrooms. The bathroom is going to have to wait because it looks like were going to have to replace the ceiling. Not sure if the roof is leaking(i dont think so) or if its just moisture from using the shower/not running the fan. Either way the drywall in there is not the bathroom drywall so its all messed up. No biggie because were not putting flooring in that room anyways. We also went and bought all of our paint yesterday. We're just waiting on a gallon of floor paint(which will be in thursday) to finish painting the floor in the basement. So the living room has 2 coats of primer, everything else needs a second coat, plus some spot priming in the kitchen and priming in the entryway(which will probably be done last) Ive also got to get some trim paint, but Im not going to worry about that until everything else is painted. Today im sore from all the painting and Im still covered in paint, so now im off to shower. I'll post later with some sort of pictures for today.

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