Saturday, April 10, 2010

My 3 is up!

So today I was planning on going to the house and getting a bunch of work done. Since I had done a bunch of packing this week, I loaded up the truck with all the boxes and was moving the 2nd tv we have out(litterally the last thing I was going to put in the truck)  and I missed the step from the kitchen to the mudroom and rolled my ankle. So after I cursed and swore for a minute I asked Ricky to bring me the phone(I wasnt sure at this point I could get up) he goes running to the living room, but wouldnt bring me back the phone lol So up I get, make my way to the living room to find the phone, call my mom, who ended up comming to bring me to get xrays and then called my mother in law (who was comming to watch the kids anyways). So an hour in emerg later, its not broken, just sprained(THANK GOD!). Mom brought me crutches, and my mother in law ended up bringing me a walking cast (which is awesome, because now I have a bit of mobility). Its actually feeling much better tonight, and I have more motion to it than I did earlier. So lots of ice and rest for me, and hopefully it feels okay tomorrow and I can get a bit of work done at the house.(Ricks going to have to drive though as its my right foot and I dont think I can drive just yet!)

All swelled up. Not as bad as the last time I rolled it like this (which was in grade nine!)
My new shoe lol Its actually kind of akward because its higher than my shoes so I still limp kind of funny. Oh well, it definately helps!
So with that, my belief that things come in three's, must mean that I'm done now! 1)Crashed the van 2)Burned my stomach and 3)Rolled my ankle.

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  1. Ouch!! That looks so painful. I hope it heals fast!