Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Forgot to take pictures today. But to be fair Ive worked my butt off all day. 6 loads of laundry(still have two to do) groceries, plus made dinner for Ricks dad and his gf(late easter meal!) It was good to see them, its been a while. They brought me boxes for packing! Funny how that gets me so excited! I tried to pack Rickys Mickey Mouse stuffies yesterday, they were all under the baby's crib, and he literally hasnt played with them in ages, however, try and put them in a box and he LOSES his mind! Looks like toys are going to be packed last minute :S Still trying to purge and pack as I go, theres still lots left but theres also a lot over there already. Its amazing how much crap you accumulate in three years. And really, this is a tiny house, our new house is easily twice the size of this, maybe even 3x. Im afraid to see how much crap we'll accumulate in the next ten years :S Anyhoo thats it for me, off to fold some laundry :S

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