Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Yard

Today I did some work around the yard while the kids were asleep. I pulled out all of the dead plants/weeds/trees. Next up, heading to Canadian Tire to buy a fancy shmancy weeder so I can pull out the eight million thistles in the yard(and no im NOT exagerating!)
This is the back of the house(dont mind the garbage:S) Im pulling both of these out and we're going to make it a back patio type deal, we'll put the picnic table/bbq out back here.
This is the side of the yard. Not much going to happen here. We plan on adding more evergreens along the side of the ditch, and the 2nd course of bricks from the garden will come off and be used along the front gardens/in front of the road
Gardens at the front of the house. There are two along the road, but theyre just evergreens, I plan on putting some flowers in those and moving some things around. Theyre overrun with thistles, as is this front garden around the hydro pole. Ive got A LOT of work ahead of me!
And last but not least the pond. It definately looks better after I pulled all the dead crap from around it. Still need to clean out the algae, and well, the waterfall and such needs work still, but we're not going to be able to get to that for a few years. There are tadpoles in the pond however, courtesy of the toad orgies from a few weeks ago ;)

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